its been a year since ree and i have become rl hobros sobsob///

and let there be more years to come ! ! ! o/


dragon nest ruined my life


HTTYD2 dragons C: I wanted to take a break from painting landscapes and environments and decided to play around with a new style—these are the results!

I plan to make these into acrylic charms; they’re available for preorder here. (Each charm is around 1.5 inches tall, 3mm thick, and comes with a black phone strap!)

***Preorders will end around early September

Thank you very much! 



Awawawa I really like her outfit 8’) she looks so cute >< 

thank you kairiiii

Kao does Sketch Commissions  » OPEN !


Signal boosting is highly appreciated! ^p^/

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so happy! TT __ TT sob sob sob

Anyone can help me name my new partner? ajsdgjkas i cant decide omg

I want it to depict meanings of sun/light/divine/protector etc.